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Organic Salsa

When tomato season is here, we make salsa! Put some good workin' music on and watch us go. Grind those tomatoes, chop those onions, weigh and WHOA! Break time - always includes snacking on chips while we sample the wares. It's a busy and fun time in the kitchen because we love our salsa.
It's a good thing!

Medium Salsa
Our Salsa is made with all Certified Organic ingredients, and with quality in mind we use fresh organic tomatoes, fresh organic onions, and fresh organic jalapeño peppers. These ingredients are grown locally and N.W. regional. This salsa is nice to have on your shelf at home for when you need it, then refrigerate after you open it.

Hot Salsa
This salsa is made the same as the medium salsa, only there's one exception –
It's about three times hotter!

Salsa, Hot and Medium