• Great Taste

    Here at Sweet Creek Foods life is a little sweeter. Our facility is located on our beautiful scenic property in Elmira Oregon where the birds chirp and the trees grow green and tall.

  • Our Focus

    Our focus has always been to make our quality organic products using the locally abundant organic produce in our area. Good healthy food equals good healthy people.

  • Only Organic

    We are happy to bring you our line of organic preserves as well as offering small batch co-packing to our customers. We believe that good healthy food makes good healthy people, so open up a jar and enjoy the bounty of the northwest all year round!

  • Wildly Fresh Flavors

    Our products are made using locally harvested ingredients from the farms in our region. We do this because we want you to know where your food comes from and that it is supporting the people that care about keeping our food production close to home.

  • Juicy Fruit Flavors

    Make your mornings a little sweeter with our Northwest fruit spreads. Made with some of the best organic berries grown in existence, we create our jams and spreads to capture the smells and flavors of these wonderful fruits for you to enjoy.

  • Rich Vegetable Flavors

    We are proud to bring to your table and pantry, high quality, organic, and consciously produced veggies grown and picked by our own Sweet Creek and local farmers.

Sweet Creek Foods

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