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Sweet Creek Family
Sweet Creek Family
Sweet Creek Family

Family Owned and Operated

Paul and Judy Fuller are proud to be the creators, heart and soul of Sweet Creek Foods. When they met 25 years ago Paul bought a 41 quart canner and they preserved an array of home canned foods each year. They've enjoyed many beautiful organic gardens together, planting, harvesting and preserving their abundance. Sweet Creek Foods has taken Paul and Judy's organic way of life to another level.

Their sons Zach and Cody have been a big part of their success so far. Zach grew the cucumbers for the first three years using all organic methods and did a wonderful job, he is now off to new adventures of school, snow sports and living on his own. Cody is a mellow dude, he helps with the washing of the cucumbers and will help out if we really need him. And then there's Abby (the dog) she's loyal and always there for us. When wev'e worked all day she reminds us of the simple pleasures, that we need food in our belly and a good head rub is always enjoyed.

Judy does all the graphics and prints all the labels, does the books and works with Paul in the kitchen producing wonderful products. Her goal is to have fun at what she does.

Paul is a great cook and the machanical wonder, he's always thinking of creating something new. He was the inspiration for Sweet Creek and really has put his big heart into it.

Paul and Judy make a fun and wonderful team. They hope that you enjoy being a part of the Sweet Creek success.

The Sweet Creek Family